MML Policy Statement

Download Current Policy Statement:  2023-2024 Policy Statement

The member cities and villages of the Missouri Municipal League in adopting this statement of policy, wish to call attention to the needs of Missouri municipalities and the obligations of the state and federal governments to support municipalities.
This policy statement addresses itself to those specific areas in which state and federal assistance is needed and in terms of the resources, powers and revenues required by the cities and villages to solve their problems. It contains the issues and League policies that confront municipal officials in the areas of environmental quality, human resources, government and administration, revenue and finance and urban development. It urges that where legislation is called for, the General Assembly or Congress meet its responsibility and enact legislation, and where administrative action is needed, the Governor initiate and ensure the action is taken. It also encourages the General Assembly to recognize those areas where legislation is not needed and to refrain from enacting special legislation that adversely affects a single municipality or group of municipalities.

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2024 Policy Committee Meeting Dates

Policy Committees (excluding Resolutions Committee): June 18, 2024 - Courtyard by Marriott, Columbia (usually 3rd Thursday in June)

Resolution Committee: August 1, 2024 - Courtyard by Marriott, Jefferson City

MML Business Meeting: Sept. 17, 2024 - Branson Convention Center, Branson


The Resolutions Committee of the Missouri Municipal League plays a key role in the development of the Missouri Municipal Policy.

Policy-making is a very important function of the Missouri Municipal League. The primary process is that four appointed policy committees meet each July to discuss and debate policy issues facing Missouri municipalities.

The result is new or amended policy recommendations that are reviewed and finalized by the Resolutions Committee. These final policy recommendations are presented to the general membership for adoption at the Business Meeting during the Annual Conference. Alternatively, members may modify or offer new policies during the Business Meeting for adoption by the general membership. 


Michele DeShay, Chair

 Mayor, City of Moline Acres


Barbara Buffaloe, Member

 Mayor, City of Columbia


Brent Buerck, Member

 City Administrator, City of Perryville


Bryant Warren DeLong, Member

 Mayor, City of North Kansas City


Bwayne Smotherson, Member

 Council Member, City of University City


Danielle Oettle, Member

 Finance Dir, City of Maryland Heights


David Dimmitt, Member

 Mayor, City of Brentwood


Donald Krank, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Edward Rucker, Member

 Chief Counsel Mgt/Ops, City of Lee's Summit


Greg Camp, Member

 City Administrator, City of Festus


Jerry Grimmer, Member

 Council Member, City of Bridgeton


John T. Maloney, Member

 Alderman, City of Grandview


Ken McClure, Member

 Mayor, City of Springfield


Leesa Ross, Member

 City Clerk, City of Frontenac


Mark Becker, Member

 Mayor, City of Des Peres


Mike McDonough, Member

 Mayor, City of Raytown


Pat Kelly, Member

 Executive Director, Municipal League of Metro St. Louis


Patrick Bonnot, Member

 Loss Control Director, MIRMA


Reed Dupy, Member

 Council Member, City of Chillicothe


Rodney Grady, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Roger Haynes, Member

 Dep City Manager, City of Mexico


Ryan Moehlman, Member

 City Attorney, City of Jefferson City


Darlene Bell, Member

 Alderman, City of Moline Acres


John Josendale, Member

 Mayor, City of St. Joseph


Randy Schultz, Member

 Council Member, City of St. Joseph


Barbara Flint, Member

 Finance Dir, City of Eureka


Andrew Dawson, Member

 Mayor, City of Sedalia


In many of Missouri's municipalities, annual revenues are never adequate to meet the service needs and demands of citizens. The continuing reduction of federal funds and the reduction of service delivery responsibility to the local level may cause this situation to become acute for many municipalities. Cities are particularly frustrated by state constitutional and statutory provisions that restrict the sources of municipal revenue, while the state and federal governments continue to enact rules, regulations and guidelines affecting or dictating municipal services, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, prevailing wage, workers' compensation and unemployment compensation. This combination – elimination of federal support, state restrictions on revenue sources and mandated state and federal regulations – may well lead to a reduction in essential municipal services in many municipalities.

The General Assembly is urged to give municipalities greater freedom to increase revenues without the restrictions of limiting legislation, such as earmarking revenue for special purposes, except when the revenue is generated by users of the service. This would allow the needed flexibility to meet changing conditions.

MML Staff Representative: Colin Kinkade, Research & Policy Associate


David Dimmitt, Chair

 Mayor, City of Brentwood


Andy Hixson, Member

 City Administrator, City of Pevely


Arnold Hinkle, Member

 Mayor, City of Black Jack


Bill Hanks, Member

 City Clerk, City of Weldon Spring


Brian Crane, Member

 City Administrator, City of Jefferson City


David Holtmann, Member

 Finance Dir, City of Springfield


Dawn Lanning, Member

 Assoc Dir-Technology, City of St. Joseph


Eric Peterson, Member

 Asst City Mgr/Fin Dir, City of Webster Groves


Marcella McCoy, Member



Martin Ghafoori, Member

 Managing Dir, Stifel


Mary Sprung, Member

 Finance Dir, City of Kirkwood


Mike Roemerman, Member

 Mayor, City of Ellisville


Randal Hein, Member

 Mayor, City of Bridgeton


Roger Haynes, Member

 Dep City Manager, City of Mexico


Terry Wilson, Member

 City Administrator, City of Dellwood


Earline Jones Collins, Member

 Alderman, City of Cool Valley


Glen Nelson, Member

 Mayor, City of Lincoln


Theresa A. Hester, Member

 Alderman, City of Bellefontaine Neighbors


Joe Warren, Member

 City Manager, City of Belton


Justin James Klocke, Member

 City Administrator, City of Manchester


Barbara Flint, Member

 Finance Dir, City of Eureka


Ronald Pointer, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Missouri municipal officials are seriously handicapped in responding to citizen needs and demands for services by obsolete and restrictive statutory provisions relating to municipal government administration. There is a need to clarify the legal powers of general-purpose local governments. While Missouri's home rule provisions are progressive and flexible, considerable unshackling remains to be done to authorize cities to determine their own internal structure, lift the legal barriers to adequate local taxation and moderate state controls over local government.

Though new problems can be solved and responsibilities met by cities having their own charters, the vast majority of Missouri municipalities cannot respond until such time as the General Assembly provides specific authority for them to act.

While the state and federal governments have an obligation to encourage and assist sound municipal management, they should adhere to the principle of home rule and maximize opportunities for local self­-determination to the fullest extent possible. The importance of retaining flexible and strong municipal government must be actively communicated and pursued. It is this governmental structure that allows residents the greatest opportunity to serve, either voluntarily or in an elective position, and to initiate and consent to its own legislation.

MML Staff Representative: Stuart Haynes, Director of Administration and Policy


Andrew Dawson, Chair

 Mayor, City of Sedalia


A.J. White, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Donald Krank, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Dr. Marie Peoples, Member

 City Manager, City of Webster Groves


Errol Bush, Member

 Alderman, City of Northwoods


James Knowles, Member

 City Administrator, City of Dardenne Prairie


John Reitmeyer, Member

 Alderman, City of St. Peters


Kate Hatfield, Member

 Mayor, City of Frontenac


Reed Dupy, Member

 Council Member, City of Chillicothe


Ron Scheets, Member

 City Administrator, City of Cabool


Sandy Grassmuck, Member

 Alderman, City of Lake Saint Louis


Barbara Buffaloe, Member

 Mayor, City of Columbia


Bill Sherman, Member

 Mayor, City of Duquesne


Kimberly Morton, Member

 Council Member, City of Jennings


Vivian Renee Tyler, Member



Brandon Ruediger, Member

 City Administrator, City of Holts Summit


Bryan Carter, Member

 City Manager, City of St. Joseph


Chase D. Waggoner, Member



Megan Johnson, Member

 Council Member, City of Rolla


Sean Wilson, Member

 Mayor, City of Waynesville


Thomas Drabelle, Member

 Dep City Administrator, City of O'Fallon


Bonnaye Mims, Member

 Alderman, City of Raytown


Edward Mahan, Member

 Mayor, City of Rock Hill


Angela Lawson, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Courtney L. Doyle, Member

 Dir of Administration, City of Fulton


Jan Jones, Member

 Council Member, City of Warrensburg


Stuart Haynes, Staff Liaison

 , Missouri Municipal League


The most important resources in our municipalities are people. The human resource development efforts of all levels of government must be directed toward the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of people by increasing their social, economic and physical health, security and personal mobility, and by ensuring an equal opportunity in the selection of basic goods and services. Municipal human resource development efforts have been hampered in the past because cooperative efforts of federal and state governments in human resource development traditionally have bypassed or ignored local governments, despite the fact that more than two-thirds of the human services clientele reside within municipal boundaries. As a result, municipalities have had limited experience with human resource planning and management.

Because the ultimate responsibility for implementation of human resource and economic development policies and programs generally falls to local governments, their input to state and federal policy and program development must be considered crucial. The Missouri Municipal League (MML) believes it is essential that federal and state governments must cooperate with local efforts to assume this responsibility and to build a local capacity for economic development, human resource planning, policy, oversight and program development and management. MML strongly encourages an active dialogue between the Missouri Department of Economic Development and MML regarding human resource and economic development legislative priorities.

In developing a coordinated state/local human resource and economic development strategy, both levels of government should recognize the differences in planning for and delivery of services in rural and urban areas. Rural areas have fewer service providers who are more geographically dispersed as are their clientele. Proper attention should be paid to tailoring service programs to a particular area’s needs and available resources.

MML Staff Representative:  [email protected], Director of Communications and External Relations


Amanda Ohlensehlen, Member

 Dir of Econ Vitality, City of Springfield


Brent Buerck, Member

 City Administrator, City of Perryville


Bwayne Smotherson, Member

 Council Member, City of University City


Carolyn Yatsook, Member

 Economic Dev Dir, City of Kearney


Clint Thompson, Member

 Plan/Comm Dev Dir, City of St. Joseph


Dinah Tatman, Member

 Mayor, City of Bellefontaine Neighbors


Doug Potts, Member

 Economic Development, City of Waynesville


Gary Johnson, Member

 Mayor, City of Jennings


Greg Dagnan, Member

 City Administrator, City of Carthage


Jackie Soptic, Member

 Mayor, City of Trenton


John D. Butz, Member

 City Administrator, City of Rolla


Judy Ann Bateman, Member

 Alderman, City of St. Peters


Katie Harris, Member

 Alderman, City of Memphis


Kevin Bookout, Member

 City Administrator, City of Bridgeton


Lauren Edens, Member

 Council Member, City of Wildwood


Marcieta Reed, Member

 Alderman, City of Vinita Park


Mark Spykerman, Member

 Attorney, Gilmore & Bell, P.C.


Mitchell Moon, Member



Nathaniel Griffin, Member

 Mayor, City of Wellston


Robert Chris McPhail, Member

 Police Chief, City of Battlefield


Robert L. Smith, Member

 Council Member, City of Poplar Bluff


Russ Fortune, Member

 Mayor, City of Twin Oaks


Ryan Myers, Member

 Alderman, City of Raytown


Samuel Shannon, Member

 Mayor Pro Tem, City of Wellston


Steve Borgmann, Member

 Council Member, City of Maryland Heights


Terry Epps, Member

 Mayor, City of Pine Lawn


Thomas Oldham, Member

 Council Member, City of Sedalia


Alicia Smith, Member

 Alderman, City of Bellefontaine Neighbors


Bob Bennett, Member

 Alderman, City of Parkville


Patrick Mulcahy, Member

 Economic Dev Dir, City of Florissant


Gail Sneeden-Kindhart, Member

 Council Member, City of LaGrange


Enrico Villegas, Member

 ACM/PW Director,


Dorris Walker-McGahee, Member

 Pros Attorney Asst, City of Bellefontaine Neighbors


Dan D. Hartman, Member

 Alderman, City of Smithville


Dorothy Matthews, Member

 Village Clerk/Office Mgr, Village of Hanley Hills


Jeffrey Stinson, Member

 Mayor, City of Ironton


Tina Thames, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Laura Holloway, Staff Liaison

 Director of Communication & External Affiars, Missouri Municipal League


To develop a community is to protect and improve the physical, economic and social conditions and opportunities an urban area affords its inhabitants. The goal is the creation of an urban environment responsive to and supportive of individual expression and endeavor.

Local governments have broad responsibilities to develop more livable communities. The physical improvement and preservation of the environment is essential. This includes not only the provision of physical facilities and protection of natural resources for a city’s population, it also includes primary consideration for the human requirements for living within the physical confines of the city, the effect of physical development on the total community life of the city, and the effects of urbanization upon the environment.

Uncontrolled development at the unincorporated fringes of cities is detrimental to health, safety and orderly urban development. Municipalities should be permitted to exercise the extraterritorial powers of planning, zoning, enforcement of building codes and regulation of subdivisions within adjacent unincorporated areas. Federal and state laws that create or favor single-purpose and other special districts should be revised so as to assign the performance of new public services or the extension of old ones to existing units of general purpose local government.

MML Staff Representative: Ramona Huckstep, Policy & Membership Associate


Ella Jones, Chair

 Mayor, City of Ferguson


Brandon Wegge, Member

 Alderman, City of Brentwood


Chad Davis, Member

 RMU Operations Mgr, City of Rolla


Chuck Caverly, Member

 Council Member, City of Maryland Heights


Damien Boley, Member

 Mayor, City of Smithville


Darlene Bell, Member

 Alderman, City of Moline Acres


Darren Berry, Member

 City Administrator, City of Vandalia


Debbie Roach, Member

 Mayor, City of Grant City


Jerry Grimmer, Member

 Council Member, City of Bridgeton


John Roach, Member

 City Administrator, City of LaGrange


John Niesen, Member

 Council Member, City of West Plains


Kent Edmondson, Member

 Council Member, City of Blue Springs


Matt Winters, Member

 City Manager, City of Poplar Bluff


Rhiannon Foster, Member

 Council Member, City of Sedalia


Rodney Grady, Member

 Council Member, City of Black Jack


Matt Morasch, Member

 Public Works Dir, City of Jefferson City


Christopher Updike, Member

 Council Member, City of Republic


Robert Schaffer, Member

 City Engineer, City of Sullivan


Abe Forney, Member

 PWD/Transportation, City of St. Joseph


Michele DeShay, Member

 Mayor, City of Moline Acres


Nancy Luetzow, Member

 Council Member, City of Kirkwood


Galen Ericson, Member

 Council Member, City of Blue Springs


Dana Webb, Member

 Mayor, City of Oak Grove


Carol Henze, Member

 Council Member, City of LaGrange


Dawne Gardner, Member

 City Administrator, City of Kimberling City


Bruce D. Uhler, Member

 Mayor, City of Warrensburg


Ramona Huckstep, Staff Liaison

 Policy and Membership Associate, Missouri Municipal League