MML Advocacy

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The Missouri Municipal League represents municipalities before the Missouri General Assembly.  The League has four standing policy committees that are appointed each year by the League President to study specific areas of municipal concern.  The areas of committee study include natural resources and urban development, economic development and human resources, municipal administration and intergovernmental relations and finance and taxation.  The Resolutions Committee combines the work of each of these committees into the Missouri Municipal Policy Statement, that is then is adopted by the membership at the Annual Conference.  This statement is an annual statement of goals, policies and program objectives of the Missouri Municipal League.  It provides the foundation for the League in presenting the needs of municipalities to the General Assembly as well as to state and federal agencies. 

Legislative representation is a continuing process that involves monitoring legislation during regular annual sessions as well as providing information to interim committees between sessions.  In order to ensure that member cities receive the benefits of a comprehensive legislative program, League staff studies all legislation introduced, follows and reports on the status of bills of municipal interest through periodic reports to members and works with municipal officials and League committees to influence legislation.

In the past, the League has had meaningful and direct involvement in the consolidated health insurance program, broadening municipal home rule, the local option sales tax and dozens of other bills to improve municipal government.  The unified efforts of municipal officials have resulted in numerous other statutory and constitutional revisions that have been beneficial to municipalities.

The success of MML's advocacy efforts depend largely upon members having direct contact with their local legislators.  If you are a municipal official who would like to play a larger role in MML's advocacy efforts please contact us at (573) 635-9134 or [email protected].